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    Each of our current Ambassadors has gone above and beyond in presenting Glogster and integrating Glogs in their areas. We couldn’t have done it without you!
    (listed in alphabetical order)

    "Reading remains at the heart of student learning and my mission remains to ensure that all students are effective users and producers of ideas and information."
    Co-Founder Cyberwise.org
    "Glogster helps teachers reinforce complex information in a fun and interactive way.  It also allows kids to learn and utilize important digital life skills such as critical thinking, collaboration and creativity in an engaging and memorable way.”
    Instructional Technology Specialist
    "The iPad is particularly cool.. The ability to 'web pick' online resources with such ease allows the students to focus on gathering and curating the relevant information while not wasting precious time figuring out the tool itself."
    Curator and Social Media Manager
    "Glogster EDU is for me the best presentation edtech tool in XXI Century Education"
    N.O.W. Plus & Digital Citizenship
    "Glogster's mobile app allows my students to work on the go, and webpicker gives them easy access to videos, music, and information they require for making informative and creative Glogs.”
    "Serving up the latest in Instructional Technology" 

    Karen Reiber

    Media/Technology Specialist
    "Glogster has become my main instructional teaching tool—all my lessons start on a Glog because of the multimedia features—I can get to links, videos that I will be teaching from that day—all from one spot!"
    School For Hotel And Tourism, Zagreb
    "Glogster is one of my favourite edu tools. It's user friendly, fun and dynamic, intuitive and easy to learn. It develops creative and critical thinking, helps to generate alternative ideas and, above all, my students love it."
    Online Marketing Specialist
    "I enjoy how easy the app will allow me to create Glogs for marketing purposes. I am able to implement images and text with ease."
    "It is very important for me to inspire my students and to give them the best tips to be successuful not only in the classroom, but in finding their passion and succeeding in their careers."
    EFL Teacher
    "Glogster  inspires and supplies creativity with the best tools and platform ever.
    For my students and for me glogging is not only learning by doing experience but learning by feeling as well."
    Teacher Resource Specialist for Technology
    "Glogster is a great resource for content creation. The level of engagement and creativity is palpable and students always look forward to the next session!”
    “I stumbled across Glogster four years ago and realized then that it was WAY more then an interactive poster program. The only limit to how Glogster is used is your own imagination."
    Head of TLC
    Tech Learning Community
    "My students have done amazing work with this tool.  It has been a wonderful learning experience for all! Simply amazing!"
  • Evolution of Ambassadors

    With the constant growth of our Glogster user-base, our goal is to find a small but dedicated group of key influencers and reliable representatives. We are constantly in search of top educators to represent and promote the Glogster experience in their localities and online communities.

    Fewer Members = Focused Support

    Rather than continuing our Ambassador program, under which hundreds of users helped us in small ways, we are aiming to maintain a smaller group of highly-trained and reliable "Ambassadors" who are active Glogster users able to train educators, present at events and conferences, and regularly create top quality content. In return, we will accredit our GATE Ambassadors with VIP support, presentation materials, financial aid (for select events), and up-to-date PD training.
  • Join our mission to fill Glogpedia with 40,000 categorized glogs!

    This year we’re making Glogpedia™ a one-stop collaborative resource. Nominate your favorite Glogs for use in classrooms worldwide.
    we also co-evolve Glog® Rubric Quality Standard with teachers for suitable digital collage content ranking, grading and scoring system for your goals and school projects


    Glogpedia library launched


    10,000 high-quality glogs


    Over 40,000 categorised glogs
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    PD training and Keynote presentation support

    Everything you need to know to give a mind blowing Glogster keynote presentation.  
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  • Resources

    Our GATE ambassadors aren’t just experts on Glogster - they each bring their own unique experiences with digital education, forging strong links between Glogster and myriad facets of online learning. Some of our ambassadors have created glogs for us, sharing their own expertise and with the worldwide Glogster community.

    As part of an ongoing drive to keep learners and educators aware of digital citizenship issues, CyberWise have created two glogs, sharing priceless information about online safety and etiquette.