• Introducing the brand new HTML5 Glog® editor


    We made Glogging faster, more fluid and even more fun. On all devices.


    Even hundreds of elements and media on one Glog will not slow you down.

    Multiple media interface with full support of animated GIFs.



    Fullscreen editing, new Text interface, Super-fast Glog rendering, the beloved Webpicker from our iPad app, and more...

    ...and YES we also want our new Glogs to support interactive WebGl 3D objects!


    Closed betatest starts in the coming weeks so sign-up here or wait until we release beta for every Premium account.

    For those without a Premium license, you can solve that here :)

  • Glogster Platform - Introduction Video

    Glogster's App was awarded BEST APP by AASL!

  • “The new glogster interface is very intuitive. It’s easy to use and figure out.“

    “It was gratifying and pleasant, it showed me the quality that this environment offers.”

    “The use of any of these 4 tools facilitated to a high degree the performance and speed to produce high quality content”


    “Easy and playful.”

    “The WebPicker is great. I even used the WebPicker for audio files and it worked. This was a positive new feature.”

    “I like that the process to publish publicly is now more visible and I can embed glogs on Google Sites and actually have the glog show. Nice work on that.“

    “Overall, the HTML5 Beta seems to work well and is a good alternative to the Flash version which our district no longer supports.”