• Become a Glogster Premium sponsor for your city!

    We provide your city with a large, Premium City License for all city schools

  • What does this mean?​

    Your act matters and impacts thousands of students and teachers!

    Free Premium for every school in your city!

    Every student and teacher in the city will receive a free Glogster Premium product for the period of your sponsorship! No more stress that many schools still cannot afford this quality, award-winning platform.

    What about schools that already have a Premium License?

    No problem at all! If some schools or classes already have Premium Glogster, their licenses will be extended for the length of your sponsorship on top of the length of the license they already have!

    Sponsor gets special educational content!

    Provide us with content assets and topics you want to cover, and together with city schools, we will build digital Glog® content for all to use and learn from! Credit will be given to your individual name, or to the name of your company or brand!

  • How It Works

    Understand - Scale - Sponsor - Enroll


    Choose the city you want to sponsor


    We provide Glogster usage in your city


    Scale how many users you want to reach


    Purchase City License for your chosen city


    Together, we invite city schools to join in!


    See how you've positively impacted education in your city!

  • Who is interested?


    Pilot project for 300 schools with 250,000 students is about to be announced at Prague Ed Tech conference.


  • I want to sponsor my city

    Let's find a win-win scenario together















  • Glogster & NASA story

    NASA has held a Multimedia Contest with Glogster for 3 successful years in a row!



    Imagine thousands of NASA spinoff ideas and projects from the most passionate little scientists, supported & expressed via our easy, interactive Glog® freedom!



    #NASAOPSPARC is about to start soon in the United States & Canada!